The birthstone of May, the emerald, is striking to look at and has a rich, interesting history.
Its name derives from the Greek word for green;’smaragdus’. It could be because of this fact that many cultures associate the emerald with growth and spring. Emeralds were loved by the Egyptians, especially Cleopatra. The Romans connected this precious gemstone to Venus, the Goddess of Love. Nero the Roman emperor was said to view gladiator duels through an emerald, the green helped mask the shocking colour of blood. The Aztecs called it ‘the stone of the earth’.

Emerald 2

The emerald was known by the Aztecs as the ‘stone of the earth’

Emeralds have a strong association with telling the truth. Hermes the messenger of the gods believed that the truth was always found out if an you placed one under the tongue.

If you are lucky enough to have the emerald as a birthstone, it will bestow you with many wonderful powers. An opening of the heart chakras will allow you to live in a manner that is honest to yourself. You will have enhanced tranquillity, inner wisdom and well-being. In this strong state you will become more resilient too.

Emeralds are usually found with quartz and mined all over the world. Colombia accounts for more than half of production of this gemstone. They are appraised on these four important factors; clarity, cut, carat and colour.

An emerald is not as strong as a diamond and can have many inclusions including cracks and fissures. This is an expected trait of but makes it one of the most difficult stones to cut and recut. The cutter needs to cleverly maximise the size of the stone without compromising its overall stability. An emerald is usually rectangular in shape.

To clean this gemstone, use warm water, allow to dry naturally and then rub with a soft cloth.
Green is currently a fashionable colour and the emerald has benefitted from this. There are many interesting settings on the market. Whether or not this is your birthstone, it is a lovely gem to enjoy wearing.

For many of you a watch is a significant investment. If you are the owner of a Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Patek Phillipe or other valuable watch then you should make sure that it is well maintained and serviced regularly. Here are 5 things you need to know about watch servicing:

How often should I service my watch?

There is some debate as to how often a watch should be serviced but as a guide we recommend every 3-5 years. This depends on how often you wear the watch and how you store it when it is not in use. If your watch is regularly exposed to water for example then it should be more like 3 years than 5 years.

Why should my watch be serviced?

The mechanical components of a watch require tuning from time to time and this is what is carried out when a professional technician services a watch. The inner workings of a self-winding movement, such as in a Rolex, are intricate and need to be stripped down, cleaned, re-oiled, re-sealed and calibrated, like any other precision instrument.

The risk of not servicing your watch

Consider how much you spent on your watch and then ask yourself if you want to replace it! The answer, when you have invested so much, is of course no. By having your watch checked and tuned regularly you reduce the risk of potential issues as if there is a problem it will be this will be identified in its early stages.

Who should service my watch?

It is vital that you take your watch to a suitably qualified technician. A trusted business that have a history of watch servicing is always preferable to using a company you aren’t familiar with. If in any doubt call them up to discuss your requirements beforehand.

How much does a watch service cost?

This very much depends on the amount of time it takes to service the watch, whether it needs any replacement parts and what condition the watch is in. It is always advisable to take your watch into the company that are going to be carrying out the work and asking them to give you a price guide before they commence. If they have to replace parts or carry out any extra work then ask them to call you to agree a price before they continue.

There are several aspects to consider when selling your jewellery. Make sure you aren’t making these common mistakes and that you get the best price possible.

Not understanding its value

Unless you are an expert when it comes to buying and selling jewellery then you may not fully understand the value of your items. Perhaps that ring that has been on your finger for the best part of 20 years is worth a lot more than you know or maybe it isn’t worth as much as you think it is. To understand its true worth you need to take it to a reputable specialist who is qualified to give a proper valuation and accurate market appraisal.

Are the gems genuine or synthetic?

If the piece of jewellery is an heirloom that was handed down from a previous generation then it can be difficult to know whether the gemstones are real or whether they are in fact synthetic. Unless you originally bought the piece from a reputable jeweller and have a diamond or gemstone certification you may not know the difference. It is best to have it valued and certified by a jeweller in the first instance.

Not researching the price of gold or other precious metals

When you walk into a jewellers to sell your gold, silver or platinum do you really know what it is worth? Did you check the day’s spot price of gold and check the weight first? If you want the best price for your jewellery then it is a good idea to research the market price of the precious metal that you are selling first so you are informed.

Taking the first price offered and not shopping around

If you are keen to sell your jewellery to get some cash in your pocket then all too often you may be tempted to take the first price offered. Resist the urge and ask the buyer how long they will hold that price for then put in some leg work and shop around.

Not considering part exchange

To get the best price for your jewellery it is advisable to consider a part exchange. You can often realise a better deal for yourself by part exchanging as opposed to selling for cash. This is also a nice way to acquire those aspirational items (like that Rolex you have had your eye on for a while or that extra special diamond ring) whilst making good use of those pieces that spend their life hidden away in a drawer.

Selling jewellery online

It seems, in this age of digital technology, that we live our lives online. We buy, we transact and we socialise online. We can therefore be tempted to sell online and this can lead to problems. The risk of selling jewellery online is that 1. You may not achieve the correct value and 2. Posting items is often unsecure. Jewellery is something that needs to be touched, felt, weighed and examined closely. Whilst enquiring online is helpful, it is advisable to do the deal in person.

Feeling pressured to sell

If you take your jewellery somewhere and they offer you a price straight away whilst pressurising you to accept that price, remember that it is your prerogative to say no! If you aren’t comfortable with selling your items there and then just walk away and think about it first. A good jeweller will encourage you to go away and consider.

If you are thinking of selling items of jewellery follow the above tips to ensure that you achieve the best price for your valuables. Go prepared having conducted your research and ensure that you take identification with you as many good jewellers will insist on seeing a copy of your passport or driving license. Trust in your reputable, local independent jeweller who are experienced and fully qualified to make the necessary assessment and accurate valuation.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful ring or a dazzling necklace on the television,  getting your heart completely set on buying one for yourself- and then not being able to find it anywhere. You can spend hours, days even, visiting various websites and jewellery stores in a vain attempt to find a piece that seemingly doesn’t exist. This can ultimately lead to shoppers opting for a piece of jewellery that they aren’t completely happy with, and their minds will always turn to the ring or necklace that got away.

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It’s certainly getting close to the most wonderful time of the year. We’re just over a week away from being able to start on our advent calendar, the weather has turned a lot colder and the Coca-Cola advert is all over the TV- it must be coming up to Christmas. Before you know it, you’ll be rushing around the high street wondering what on earth you’re going to buy your loved one this year, wishing that you hadn’t left it till the last minute to buy your gifts.

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We all know just how sentimental a piece of jewellery can be and how much time you should invest to ensure that you are purchasing something you’re really happy with. However, settling on a piece of jewellery and taking it home is by no means the end of the matter, as you now need to ensure that you’re keeping it safe. Whether you’ve received a necklace from a loved one or bought a ring for a special occasion- some items of jewellery are simply irreplaceable.

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It’s no secret that a piece of jewellery can be a lot more than just a fashion accessory, and they can hold a high level of sentimental value. Whether you’ve bought a bracelet for a loved one or a ring for a special occasion, a piece of jewellery is something that can stay in your family for generations or even remind you of a certain time whenever you put it on. This is why it’s so important to speak to one of our experts, so that you can make sure you’re purchasing a product that you’re happy with for years to come.

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They say that you can tell a lot about a man from the state of his shoes, and the same is true when it comes to the make of his watch. There are a huge number of watch makes out on the market today, and so we appreciate that it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you. Whether you’re treating yourself or buying a gift for a loved one- picking out a watch can be a difficult process as you try to decide on what you want your watch to tell people about yourself.
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The weather is turning colder, the winds are getting stronger and we’re about to go through another weekend seeing people dressed up as witches and vampires: in other words, October is well and truly underway. Along with the change in weather and the inevitability of being awoken by the sound of fireworks in a few weeks, comes a new season for our jewellery trends.
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