What Your Watch Says About You

They say that you can tell a lot about a man from the state of his shoes, and the same is true when it comes to the make of his watch. There are a huge number of watch makes out on the market today, and so we appreciate that it can be difficult to decide which is the right one for you. Whether you’re treating yourself or buying a gift for a loved one- picking out a watch can be a difficult process as you try to decide on what you want your watch to tell people about yourself.

Each watch brand gives out different signals to anyone that happens to spot it on your wrist, and so you’ll want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right make- otherwise you’ll have people making certain assumptions about you. Fortunately, we’re here at The Goldmarket to run you through some of the bigger brands, so that you know exactly what your watch is saying about you:


The most famous watch brand in the world. Rolex watches are like the Holy Grail to some of us, and this is largely down to the impression they give off. A Rolex is supposed to convey masculinity, success and power- as only the richest men would ever have the opportunity to wear one. If you have a Rolex on your wrist, then this shows that you enjoy the finer things in life and that you like to maintain a certain level of sophistication.

Tag Heuer

If staying fashionable and trendy is important to you, then Tag Heuer might just be the watch make for you. This brand shows people that you are incredibly stylish and that fashion is important to you, as well as allowing you to maintain a professional, polished look. This brand may be better suited to the younger generation, however Tag Heuer offer fantastic vintage watches that could suit anybody!


If you’re the owner of, or looking to purchase, an Omega watch, then you should probably know that this brand is closely associated with practical, sensible people. Omega is an incredibly durable brand, and so it shows that you care more about reliability than flashy fashion trends. Omega watches stand the test of time and certainly carry the potential to be handed down through the generations- so Omega are the perfect make if you’re looking for your watch to last.


This make of watch is perfect for those who love a bit of adventure in their lives. If you’re an avid rock climber, scuba diver or marathon runner, then Breitling might just be the make for you. With one of these on your wrist, you’ll be showing off how you like to live on the edge, as they are designed for those who have a lot of action in their lives.

Here at The Goldmarket, we have a wide range of watches available and understand how difficult it can be to pick out the right one for you. That’s why we recommend coming into our jewellery shop in Weston-super-Mare or phoning our dedicated team, so that our expert staff can help you make a purchase you’re truly happy with.