Repair Services

Because we have such a great team of experts available to hand in our on-site workshop, we are able to offer both value for money and real efficiency.  There is very little we cannot do and we aim to complete most jobs on the day and many within the hour.  We also offer free estimates for all potential work.


At The Goldmarket, we pride ourselves on being the only jewellers in the South West able to resize jewellery on the spot when you come into our shop in Weston-Super-Mare.  This means that if you see something you love that doesn’t quite fit, you do not need to be discouraged!  We are always willing to make the necessary adjustments to any piece of jewellery you have set your heart on.  Let us get straight on the job while you pop off and have a coffee and when you return your item will be ready and adjusted to you personally, so that you can walk away happy, with exactly what you were looking for.


We welcome all manner of repairs at The Goldmarket, where our capable and experienced team can take care of any rectifications, big or small.  Whether you have a stone that needs resetting, a pearl necklace that needs restringing, or a pendant you would like remounted as a ring for example, our team of four jewellers are always on hand to help.  Alongside repairs, we offer a jewellery cleaning, refurbishment and polishing service, which will transform and anew the appearance of your item.  We can also arrange for any white gold rhodium plating to be re-applied, should you find it has been worn away with age.  Signs of wear are quite natural for engagement or wedding rings, yet our service will restore the finish of your white gold to make it beautiful and like new.

Examples of repairs:

  • Gold/silver/platinum soldering
  • Ring sizing
  • Stone setting
  • Claw work
  • Collet replacement
  • Shank replacement
  • Rhodium plating
  • Ring refurbishment
  • Cleaning/polishing service
  • Pearl re-stringing
  • Safety chain addition/repair
  • Catch replacement
  • Bail replacement
  • Finding’s
  • Hand engraving
  • Hallmarking
  • Laser welding
  • Laser engraving

Watch repair


Gold and diamond prices have reached record levels, so keeping your insurance valuations up to date is more important than ever.  Our highly experienced team is a member of the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG), which is recognised by most leading insurance providers, simplifying any claim should you need to make one.

A professionally produced valuation by us will provide:

  • A checklist so that if anything goes missing it can easily be claimed.
  • Proof of ownership for the insurance company and for the police if stolen items are recovered.
  • Enough detail to allow items of a similar type and quality to be bought or made, including high resolution colour photos.
  • Gradings for all diamonds and gemstones wherever possible.

Our valuations service is free of charge on items purchased from us.  On all other products, we charge an extremely competitive standard per item fee, regardless of the value of the piece.



At The Goldmarket, we are also proud to offer a full watch servicing and refurbishment division with on-site BHI qualified technicians.  The range of options available are comprehensive to suit our customers’ needs:

  • Watch servicing and overhauling
  • Movement repairs
  • Watch refurbishment
  • Battery replacement
  • Quartz servicing and points cleaning
  • Capacitor checks
  • Re-sealing and pressure testing
  • Watch mini valet overhaul
  • Dial restoration
  • Case repairs
  • Water resistance checks
  • Glass polishing and replacement

watch clinic

For a quote on jewellery and watch repairs/servicing contact us now on
01934 628 361 or