Things You Need To Know Before You Buy An Engagement Ring

Sometimes, a piece of jewellery is so much more than a fashion statement. It can be used to mark a monumental occasion, hold deep sentimental value or remind you of a loved one, and this is why the true value of a piece of jewellery can never be overestimated. Jewellery can indicate an unbreakable bond with someone close to you or be used to celebrate a particular anniversary, and so it’s imperative that you know what you’re doing when trying to pick something out.

This is especially the case when it comes to picking out an engagement ring. A marriage proposal is a moment in your life that you’ll never forget, and the ring you purchase will be a constant reminder of the positive, or negative, memory. Obviously, you’ll be hoping that the ring will go on to make you think of a happy moment between you and your loved one, and picking out the right ring can get you off to a good start.

But, even once you’ve figured out how much to spend, you might find yourself a little intimidated by the wealth of options available to you, and that you’re struggling to settle on one that you’re truly happy with. Well, we’re here at The Goldmarket to give you some quick tips on how you can pick out the perfect engagement ring:

Listen To Your Partner

A proposal is always a surprise to the other person and you’ll want it to be tailored to their expectations- so you’ll find yourself meticulously planning the occasion with a fine toothcomb. This involves listening intently to anything your partner says regarding their preference in jewellery, waiting for any form of hint as to which type of ring they would prefer.

You’ll need to build up this catalogue of information so as to ensure that you are making an informed decision: not only will this improve your chances of having a positive proposal, it will also show your partner that you cared enough to listen. From whether to purchase a vintage ring to buying one similar to a friend’s, listening is the key to choosing the right ring.

The Four C’s

If you’ve opted for a diamond ring, then you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the Four C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. These aspects need to be considered as they indicate the quality level of the ring, and a decent knowledge can ensure that you are choosing the right ring and spending your money wisely.

The cut determines how a diamond is shaped and you’ll find a huge number of options out there to choose from. You’ve got the round cut, the heart shape and the oval, to name but a few- so make sure your partner will be happy with the shape you’re picking out. You’ll also need to look at the colour of the diamond and its clarity, as these are key indicators as to how valuable it is. A diamond’s weight is measured in carat, and you must make sure you don’t get them mixed up with karats- which relates to gold!


Obviously, when considering the above points, you will always need to bear your budget in mind. The idea of using three month’s salary to pay for an engagement ring is now extremely out of date, and you should settle on a budget that it financially viable for you- after all, a successful proposal will now mean that you’ll need to start building for the future, and so there’s no need to overspend. No matter how excited you are about your proposal, you need to make sure you are being realistic about what you can afford.

Here at The Goldmarket, we understand just how important a piece of jewellery can be and the sentimental value it can hold. That’s why we recommend that you visit our jewellery store in Weston-super-Mare or speak to our experts over the phone on 01934 628 361, so that we can find the right ring for you.