The birthstone of May, the emerald, is striking to look at and has a rich, interesting history.
Its name derives from the Greek word for green;’smaragdus’. It could be because of this fact that many cultures associate the emerald with growth and spring. Emeralds were loved by the Egyptians, especially Cleopatra. The Romans connected this precious gemstone to Venus, the Goddess of Love. Nero the Roman emperor was said to view gladiator duels through an emerald, the green helped mask the shocking colour of blood. The Aztecs called it ‘the stone of the earth’.

Emerald 2

The emerald was known by the Aztecs as the ‘stone of the earth’

Emeralds have a strong association with telling the truth. Hermes the messenger of the gods believed that the truth was always found out if an you placed one under the tongue.

If you are lucky enough to have the emerald as a birthstone, it will bestow you with many wonderful powers. An opening of the heart chakras will allow you to live in a manner that is honest to yourself. You will have enhanced tranquillity, inner wisdom and well-being. In this strong state you will become more resilient too.

Emeralds are usually found with quartz and mined all over the world. Colombia accounts for more than half of production of this gemstone. They are appraised on these four important factors; clarity, cut, carat and colour.

An emerald is not as strong as a diamond and can have many inclusions including cracks and fissures. This is an expected trait of but makes it one of the most difficult stones to cut and recut. The cutter needs to cleverly maximise the size of the stone without compromising its overall stability. An emerald is usually rectangular in shape.

To clean this gemstone, use warm water, allow to dry naturally and then rub with a soft cloth.
Green is currently a fashionable colour and the emerald has benefitted from this. There are many interesting settings on the market. Whether or not this is your birthstone, it is a lovely gem to enjoy wearing.