Gemstones and Precious Jewellery Repairs at The Goldmarket

precious jewellery repairs

Many different items of jewellery are brought in to us for repair, resizing and restoration. Below we share some of our recent precious jewellery repairs with you so that you can be confident of just how talented, fastidious and dedicated our wondrous team of jewellers (or as we like to call them, magicians) are.

Tiffany Bracelet

Just the other day we were charged with repairing a Tiffany bracelet that had fallen victim to a lawnmower. Unfortunately, Mrs Summers had lost the bracelet in the garden. It was found by Mr Summers… or should we say, Mr Summers and his lawnmower.

In this instance, the lawnmower got the better of the bracelet but it didn’t get the better of us! Re-building the charm, layer by layer, we were able to restore it to its former glory. Mrs Summers was delighted. We are sure that Mr Summers was relieved!

jewellery repair

Multi-Gemstone Bracelet

A customer recently brought in this silver, multi-gem tennis bracelet for repair as the ‘male’ part of the clasp had broken. In order to fix it, we needed to add and solder new metal. Of course, soldering creates a lot of heat and at high temperatures, precious gemstones such as those pictured below, can crack and sustain damage. In this instance, our jeweller decided to remove a couple of the stones to negate this risk.


A thermo gel barrier solution was then applied to stop heat transference to protect the bracelet further. Once the bracelet had been soldered, the gemstones were re-set and the piece was as good as new.

Opal Ring Resize

This oval cut black opal and diamond trilogy was bought in to be re-sized. Again, applying heat around a gemstone of this nature can cause damage. As it’s more tricky to remove the stone, heat proof thermo gel was applied as a barrier to prevent the heat causing damage to the opal.


The ring was then re-sized, cleaned polished and returned to the customer. All good as new and a perfect fit. We can resize most rings up and down, especially if they are gold or silver. It’s a little trickier with precious metals such as platinum as they require lasering but we can arrange for this to be carried out.

If we need to reduce the size of the ring, we remove a section of the metal and then solder it back together, ensuring that the join is invisible to the naked eye and strong enough to last a good many years. If we need to increase the size of a ring, we will add a new section of metal, again strengthening the ring and making sure that the join is very carefully polished out.

A Missing Sapphire

There is nothing worse than losing a precious stone out of a ring, especially one as beautiful as this. The reason for the missing sapphire was the damaged claw. Not a problem for the team who replaced the claw and the sapphire. One very happy customer! One sapphire and diamond ring as good as new!

Ring Resurrection

Resurrection was actually the term coined by the jeweller who carried out this next repair. This 9ct ring was caught in a door. It got badly bent out of shape. Luckily, we were able to reshape it and ‘resurrect’ it. It is now perfectly round and polished up to look as good as new.


It’s such a pleasure to see these items restored and repaired and to see the smiles on the faces of the happy clients that they belong to. It’s not just an item of jewellery, it’s often a piece that carries great sentiment, a story, happy memories or a lasting legacy. We are able to do so much more than you might think. Our recent precious jewellery repairs include:

  • Resizing – up and down
  • Stone replacement
  • Reshaping bent and out of shape jewellery
  • Building back up weakened clasps
  • Split ring shafts
  • Refurbishment
  • Watch servicing and repair
  • Cleaning and polishing

So, if you have a ring that needs resizing, or your favourite item of jewellery has been run over by the lawnmower,  just pop along to The Goldmarket and let us take a look, Often, we can carry out precious jewellery repairs on site, and within the hour, as you watch our jewellers at work on the bench. On some occasions it may take longer. If the job requires specialist repairs or layering, it will need to be sent away. Even if you think your jewellery is beyond repair, bring it is as you will be surprised at just how much we can do. To arrange a time to bring your items in, you can call 01934 628361 or just pop along to our shop at 23 High Street, Weston super Mare.