If you are looking to invest in a quality piece of jewellery or watch you should definitely consider buying pre-owned. If you have some reservations about buying pre-owned or aren’t sure why you should, then the following information should help you decide. It could even save you a lot of money.

 “They don’t make them like they used to” is a phrase that could have been written for jewellery. They certainly don’t make it like they used to and if you want a quality piece of jewellery or a good quality watch then you should consider buying pre-owned. Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying pre-owned watches and jewellery.

Pre-Owned Jewellery & Watches Are Better Investments

Like buying a new car, jewellery bought brand new will initially depreciate. After this the drop in value slows considerably and before long may begin to increase again as newer models of watches emerge as the cost, valuation and desirability of gems and diamonds ever increases.

A Much Greater Choice Available

Whether it’s antique, vintage, retro or just that watch that you aspired to own as a teenager, or even the one that has just been replaced by a newer model; these discontinued watches are available pre-owned. At The Goldmarket you can choose the make and model of watch that you want right here in our store. This same concept applies to jewellery and offers you the opportunity to buy something of a higher quality than you could afford when buying new.

Buying Pre-Owned Jewellery or Watches means Selling Pre-Owned

The depreciation once you move to buying pre-owned is far less than buying jewellery from new, and in some cases pieces can immediately start to appreciate. Buying pre-owned jewellery or watches therefore gives you much more scope to expand your collection as the pre-owned piece retains its value much better. Financially pre-owned jewellery leaves you in a much better position potentially when it comes to buying your next piece and opens up a whole world of opportunities.