How to look after Jewellery

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Dust, pollution and wear and tear all conspire to cloud the brilliance of gemstones and dull the surface of precious metals. Jewellery care is critical especially if you wear it regularly, keeping it clean and looking good is important and requires some effort. This is rewarded by extending the life of your treasured pieces, keeping them in excellent shape for years.

Preventing damage to your jewellery

Inspect jewellery often and if any damaged has occurred, go to a professional for repairs. Agree on the work to be carried out and the fee. On collection, inspect the jewellery to make certain that this has been carried out as requested. The items should also have been cleaned and polished as part of the service.

Remove jewellery before bathing. Put on after applying lotions, make-up and perfume. All of these products can build up a film that will dull jewellery.

Before cleaning, gardening and working in the kitchen, remove rings, bracelets and watches. This will limit exposure to damaging chemicals, dirt and grease.

Don’t wear jewellery in spas or pools. Chlorinated water can react with the metals causing discoloration and even structural damage.

Cleaning your jewellery

Clean jewellery with care. Purchase a commercial cleaner from a jewellers. Do not use bleach as this is so destructive, instead use warm water to clean. Diamonds should be cleaned with a soft brush dipped in warm soapy water, rinsed under a running tap, allowed to dry and then polished using a soft cloth.

A specialist polishing cloth gives best results when buffing gold and silver. Using tissues or paper towels is not advised as these are made from coarser fibres that can easily cause scratches.

How to store your jewellery

Storing your jewellery in an organized and orderly way will help to look after it too.

Using a fabric-lined container will protect it and prevent it from moving around.

Silver and gold tarnish when they are not worn for a while. Maintain their lustre by placing silver anti-tarnish strips with them. These strips will absorb oxidants that discolour and tarnish precious metals.

Avoid storing next to costume jewellery and watches with leather straps.

Jewellery care when travelling

Travelling can be tough on jewellery so use a travel case to protect it. A good quality case is usually made from leather or fabric and able to store jewellery of all types. If you travel a lot and value your jewellery, a travel case is a good investment.

Keep an inventory

Unfortunately, jewellery can be lost or stolen. An inventory can be useful when making an insurance claim or completing a police report. Update as you acquire new pieces. Take photos and add a written descriptions and value of pieces. Store this information away from the jewellery.

Owning and wearing jewellery is one of life’s pleasures. It is really worth investing time and effort to keep them and you looking the best.