Our Guide To The Different Types Of Rings

It’s no secret that a piece of jewellery can be a lot more than just a fashion accessory, and they can hold a high level of sentimental value. Whether you’ve bought a bracelet for a loved one or a ring for a special occasion, a piece of jewellery is something that can stay in your family for generations or even remind you of a certain time whenever you put it on. This is why it’s so important to speak to one of our experts, so that you can make sure you’re purchasing a product that you’re happy with for years to come.

When it comes to rings, they can prove to be the most sentimental piece of jewellery that money can buy. Whether you’re buying an engagement ring or a dress ring for a special event, a high quality ring has the potential to provide you with a host of happy memories, as well as offering you a durable piece of jewellery that will last for generations.

Such is the choice of rings in today’s market, that you’d be forgiven if you felt a little overwhelmed by the huge range of options available to you. Well, we’re here at The Goldmarket to run you through some of the rings that we sell, so that you know exactly what you’re spending your money on.

  • Cocktail Rings

These are perfect for anyone wanting to draw attention to the fact that they’ve bought some new jewellery, as cocktail rings are famous for their large gemstones and distinctive appearance. Cocktails rings have always been great conversation-starters, and that’s why they were so popular at parties in the 40’s. The rich colour and dominant centre stone mean that you’ll be the life of the party, and people won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

  • Eternity Rings

If you’re looking for a romantic gift to give a loved one, then you should certainly take a look at our range of eternity rings. They are used to mark a special occasion in your relationship with a partner, and can be used to symbolise your happiness after the birth of your child, after a special anniversary, or anything else that is important to both of you. Eternity rings carry a huge amount of sentimental weight, and get their name from the fact that they symbolise everlasting love.

  • Dress Rings

If you aren’t getting married and yet crave a gorgeous, high quality piece of jewellery, then you should certainly take a look at our dress rings. These can include gemstones or birthstones, and come in a range of different styles- this means that there is always something for everyone! You might want to buy one to mark a special occasion, or you might just want to treat yourself; no matter the reason you purchase a dress ring, you should always make sure you’re buying the right one for you.

  • Solitaire Rings

If you want to a piece of jewellery that will truly mark a special occasion, then a solitaire ring might be for you. These rings contain a single diamond and are known for their beautiful designs- making them perfect for anyone wanting to celebrate a special birthday or any other significant moment in their lives. Solitaire rings can be worn by both men and women, and they are perfect for anyone wanting a ring with real sentimental value.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to jewellery, and that’s why it’s important that you make sure that you pick out the right ring for you. There’s nothing worse than spending your money on jewellery that you aren’t 100% happy with, and that’s why we recommend that you speak to our experts in the best jewellery shop Weston-super-Mare has to offer…The Goldmarket!