Choosing the perfect engagement ring this Valentine’s Day 

While it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to show someone how much they mean to you, Valentine’s Day is the day that ladies and gents like to feel special.

For many a dozen red roses or a bottle of the finest pink champagne and chocolates are a firm favourite, for others it’s the chance to make a spectacular romantic gesture. We are of course talking about diamonds, specifically those that are mounted in engagement rings!

Planning a romantic proposal this Valentine’s Day?

If you are going to pop the question to your loved one, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time. With an air of romance in the air and the stage set with hearts and flowers, many venues are geared to give you the ideal setting in which to propose.

You may be going all out and arranging a weekend away, or you may be planning to pop the question over a candlelit dinner for two. Whatever your plans, you are going to need a ring…

Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Choosing the right engagement ring is critical. You need to be confident that your partner is going to like it and that it will suit them and be appropriate to their lifestyle. When selecting a ring, some have a very clear vision of what they are looking for, from the cut of the diamond to the size and style of the mount. Others don’t have a clue where to start. That’s when you need a professional team to help.

What style of ring should you choose?

Round-cut, princess, oval, emerald, cushion, marquise…. where do you begin? What clarity of diamond will you choose and what style of mount will best suit? Will they prefer a solitaire or a cluster? Perhaps you want a trilogy or something less conventional. Don’t panic… using the information that you provide about your prospective fiancée/fiancé, we can build a picture of what they will like and what type of ring you should be considering. While you may want to make a gesture with a huge rock, they may have slender fingers and a slight build where something more petite may actually look better. Alternative they may not be the type to wear a simple single solitaire. 

choosing the perfect engagement ring

Trust in the experts

At The Goldmarket, our team of experts have a lot of experience when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring that your loved one will wear for the rest of their life. We will help you to select or source the perfect engagement ring that your intended will be thrilled to receive and show off to friends and family. We can even design and create a bespoke ring to your exact requirements.

From the size and cut of the diamond to the exquisite detail of the mount, you can rest assured that at The Goldmarket, you are in safe hands. And don’t forget, when you have selected a stunning engagement ring, you are going to need wedding rings which we will only be too happy to help and advise you with also.