Create your own stunning piece with our bespoke jewellery re-modelling service

ring design

At The Goldmarket, we pride ourselves on our bespoke jewellery re-modelling and creation service. Our creative and experienced team of jewellers are exceptionally talented when it comes to bringing the visions of our customers to life. When we produce beautiful pieces of jewellery, there is very often a wonderful story behind it which makes us proud to be a part of such a special experience for our customers.

Why choose jewellery remodelling?

If you have inherited a piece of jewellery such as an engagement ring or a dress ring for example, no doubt it has great sentimental value to you. While you may not wear it, you would certainly never part with it and undoubtedly you keep it stored away somewhere safe. There may be a particular reason that you don’t wear it. It may not be something that suits you or perhaps it’s not to your personal taste. If it’s a large diamond cluster ring and you have tiny fingers then it may not sit right. If it is mounted in yellow gold and you prefer white gold or platinum, this may deter you from wearing it. While the piece may have great sentimental value it’s possible that you don’t actually like it (much as it might pain you to admit).

Don’t let beautiful jewellery sit in a box

However much sentimental value this special item of jewellery has, it is a shame to keep it locked away in a box never to see the light of day. There are options that can turn this valuable piece into your favourite item of jewellery. It could be as simple as making a new mount for a ring or as complex as using elements of it to create a stunning new, bespoke design piece of jewellery.

Over the years we have helped many customers realise their vision of owning their dream piece of jewellery which has been re-modelled from an existing piece and transformed into a one off, limited edition work of art. Our creations range from the simple to the sublime. Here are a few examples of the exquisite and dedicated talents of the team:

Turning the dream into reality

When our customer bought this 7-stone diamond cluster to us with a picture of a ring that she had her heart set on, we immediately rose to the challenge. In the first instance, our jeweller created a drawing of how the ring would look so that we could specify exactly what the customer was looking for. Then we began the task of recreating the dream. The ‘Boodles’ inspired ring consists of a ‘Raindance’ mount and then each stone from the original ring was used to bring the piece to life.

jewellery re-modelling

This diamond ring before our team worked their magic.


The transformation is incredible

Re-creating a masterpiece from an image

With this particular design, we weren’t given an actual piece to remodel but a photo from a magazine! We had to recreate something from an image but with diamonds that were bigger. The first picture below was the inspiration for the ring. Some of you may recognise it as Dior. At The Goldmarket, we always like a challenge so, after producing a silver mock-up of the mount, we then increased the central row of diamonds to 0.25ct each in size. The finished article is 18ct white gold and weighs in at 20g. The amount of detail is incredible. We are so pleased that we were able to turn our customer’s dream into reality.


We were asked to produce a ring based on this image

Silver mock-up mount is produced prior to casting the ring

ring design

This is the finished piece which the customer was delighted with

What to do with 3 antique diamonds in an old worn mount!

Take 3 antique diamonds, a client with a contemporary vision and a talented jeweller and this is what you get! This beautiful modern design has been crafted into what can only be described as a ‘beast’ of a ring and we have helped yet another happy customer to achieve the design that they really want.

ring re-modelling

3 antique diamonds and a customer with a vision

While you have been reading this, perhaps you have been considering which of your items of jewellery you could have re-modelled and turned into something simply stunning. Maybe you have an idea for your perfect piece of jewellery but can’t actually find what you are looking for. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you and turn that idea into reality with our jewellery re-modelling and design service. We are lucky to have a team of talented jewellers and setters that are able to visualise what our clients are trying to achieve. Visit The Goldmarket with your existing item, a picture or an idea of what you are looking for and a member of our team will be delighted to help. The process begins with drawings, then we prepare silver mock-ups of your piece before we create the finished design. For further information, you can contact us on 01934 628361, pop into see us or message us via our Facebook page.