Planning the Perfect Proposal with a Bespoke Engagement Ring

bespoke engagement rings

The inspiration for our latest blog came from a bespoke engagement ring project for a client who wanted to propose to his partner with a ring that, at this stage, only existed only in his head. It was our job to try and extract that vision and bring it to life. This article documents the journey, how we arrived at the final piece and his partner’s answer to the all important question.

The Initial Consultation 

The process of designing a bespoke engagement ring starts with an idea, a vision or maybe even a photo of something similar. In this case, the client came to us with an idea that he had managed to sketch out on paper so that we had a starting base and some idea of what he was looking for. We then took those ideas, along with his verbal requests and our designer sketched out a number of variations of the design for him to peruse. 

Building a Wax Model 

Once we had the drawings agreed in principle, we could then get to work on the next stage in the process. Creating the wax mould of the ring mount so that it could be cast in metal. 

Now, when working with precious metal (in this case platinum), it can get very costly so in the first instance, we always create a silver mount. This way the client can see what the finished product will look like and make any changes to the silver model.

The wax mould

We are able to set the diamonds in the mount and remove them thus creating the overall impact of the finished design. 

This is the ideal time to make any significant changes and ensure that we get the mount absolutely right – including getting as close to the correct size as possible. We can do this using other pieces of jewellery if you are able to sneak them to us under the radar. If not, we can always adjust at a later date. 

The silver mount

Creating the Final Design 

Once the client has inspected the silver mount (and tried it on – if the ring is not intended as a surprise), we are then able to cast the ring in precious metal and set the stone/s in the permanent mount. All that is left to do then is present the finished article to the client. 

The final design

Popping the Question

Once we have created the ring and bought your designs to life and quite frankly, obliterated your expectations (yes we are that confident), its’ over to you. We can’t propose for you although we reckon we’d be great at that too. In this instance, the lady said “yes” and we couldn’t be happier for this lovely couple. The ring will last a lifetime, and those smiles will too! 

bespoke engagement ring proposal

She said “yes”

Additional Ideas and Services

In addition to creating the ring of your partner’s dreams, we can also add a few other bespoke touches such as engraving the ring. Some people choose to have the date they met engraved on the inside of the band, or their names/initials. Some even have the coordinates of where they met engraved. We can also take existing pieces of jewellery, or elements of them, to create stunning designs that are super special.

All you need to do in the first instance is get in touch. Book a time to come in and see us and let’s discuss what you are trying to achieve. We have lots of ideas and inspiration that we can add to the mix too so that you can create a bespoke engagement ring that will win the heart of your beloved.